Thank you #YourMoveJam!

When I heard about it, I had just finished #RPGenesis and had zero faith I would have any inspiration for the amazing #YourMoveJam. Fortunately, my one-week vacation with my family went swimmingly and the idea for Hardship River came to me on the day I was coming back home. I wrote most of it on my phone and managed to put a design together just before getting back to work. Unsure if I would submit it after letting it cool for a few days, editing it was actually not so bad and the first reactions I got from my local community and from the jam were very positive. Guess the game was meant to be after all. 

As this most successful jam is coming to a close, I'd like to thank our very supportive hosts and all the designers who, in so many entries, put a spark of themselves. This was a crazy jam in the very best way possible. Please go check out all the games. What will your next move be?

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Holly molly, there are a LOT of entries on this Jam. It'll take some time to check them all out.

Congratz on Hardship River, it's a really nice game with an even nicer cover. It looks super slick and professional. :)

Thank you for you feedback Minakie!